Modernizing the way companies manage spending

We help companies focus their resources on growth, not overhead. Teampay is the first distributed spend management software built for modern, technology-enabled businesses. Our platform gives finance teams control and visibility, while empowering employees.

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Proactive Policy Controls

Get total financial control without strangling your growth and culture. Spend policy is coded in software, which enforces it by automating the collection of purchase data and sending it to a designated approver.

Automated Reconciliation

Deliver accurate information quickly to every stakeholder in the purchasing process. Purchases are automatically uploaded into the general ledger as they happen and are correctly coded, saving the finance team valuable time.

Upfront Coding

Achieve higher accuracy with less manual guesswork and no back-and-forth. Purchase data is collected at the initial request and sent to the designated approver and general ledger automatically, ensuring accurate data from request to reconciliation.

Purchasing Workflow Automation

Create efficiency, scalability, and transparency for spend, so you can focus on strategic work. All of the people in the purchasing process and their disparate efforts are unified by a single workflow system that spans from request to reporting.

Intelligent Payments

Stop rogue spending and fraud. Intelligent software limits payments to the approved amount on a virtual or physical credit card, or by issuing a purchase order. This prevents employees from going over budget or spending out-of-bounds.

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